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About Me

My Background

I'm published in romance fiction, children's literature, as well as nonfiction.

In 1994 I taught my first creative writing class and loved it. I teach a few online workshops each year.

My Writing Roots

Growing up I was voracious reader like many authors before me. Art was just as important. There was never a  separation for me, they were extensions of each other.  At the beginning of my writing career I wrote articles and studied children's literature.

Teaching and sharing what I've learned came next. 

My love of romance writing came when I was 12. Once I discovered romance novels I knew that was what I wanted to write. As my knowledge of the craft of writing grew, my interest in other sub-genres of romance expanded as well.

My Style

It will be easier if I let the words of these reviewers give you a sense of my writing style. I hope you'll give my books a try!

 Reviews by Crystal:

"Tambra Kendall has captured my heart with her Celtic short tales. I love the stories because they’re both erotic as well as romantic. Ms. Kendall has the love of the Celtic in her blood and that comes through in these stories. I wish she would continue writing in this genre, it suits her well. 5 Hearts"

 Wicked Temptations: 

Red Roses for Authors  --

Reviewed by Morna: 4 Roses "Sexy and fun!"

"Magic and sensuality go well together and if you enjoy Celtic stories you won’t want to miss this pair." 



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Tambra Nicole Kendall: Author and Visual Artist

P.O. Box 563, Liverpool, TX 77577, US

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