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I write romance and most of it is paranormal or has  paranormal elements. This year, I'm finally going to write some Gothic romance. My love for the genre began with watching the old Dark Shadows television series. All my stories have love scenes with a sensual to a highly sensual heat level. 

If you're looking for closed door romance then my stories aren't for you. 

I began writing nonfiction at the beginning of my writing career. My love of cooking and tea turned into my first cookbook. 

There's another cookbook in the works, this one is for dogs and my Cairn terrier, Smudge Alpin MacRuff is helping.


Very soon I'll have an erotic romance novella, A Taste of the Forbidden released at the end of January or early February 2020.  It's for the Common Elements Romance Project. I can't wait to share it with you!


You can find me on these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you

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Testimonials for The Essentials of Characterization and Plot


I really loved this course. I learned so many helpful tips on plotting and characterization. I also loved the additional sources such as articles and writing books that you used to explain the theories. I've been able to use these tips for plotting my next book!

Thanks again for the great course!



1.  I was able to develop three characters (hero, heroine, and villain) and a 20 chapter outline because of Tambra's sessions.

2.  My preparation set me up for success in NaNo.  The writing over the first four days went well, with me making a stunningly good start--12K words in the first 3 days; three chapters.  I feel prepared to edit a genuine story, rather than disjointed dross if I continue at this pace.

3. My preparations of plotting and characterisation have made doing NaNo feel easy, with moments of joy that I'm making real progress at telling my story.

Shannon Arthur.


I really enjoyed Tambra's class The Essentials to Plotting and Characterization. In each lesson she detailed what the section was about and gave great examples of the topics. She broke down sections such as GMC and explained how each part built on itself and without one you couldn't have the others. I knew the basics about GMC, plotting, and characterization but this class really put it in perspective and explained it clearly.



Tambra’s Essentials of Characterization and Plot workshop lived up to its name, and my expectations of the workshop. The information provided was extensive and most informative and introduced me to new sources of expertise for my ongoing development as an author.

Truly, Tambra didn’t appear to withhold anything from us, but shared her knowledge and resources with utmost generosity.  I discovered many nuggets in the workshop but found some I already possessed but hadn’t really taken any notice of before!  

Kindest regards

Kalinya  (w/a KP Pryce)


Tambra's The Essential Guide to Plotting class was a game changer for me. The lessons were all packed with lots of information and different methods that allowed me to grasp the concepts and implement them into my work. From basics to advanced, nothing is missed.

Thanks so much Tambra. Sorry I was also out of it for the last part but am catching up. With traveling to the UK and back and then my son got a cold which he gave to me, lol so its been hard but this class as been truly wonderful!